June 7, 2009

Brett Favre: 1969 - 2008

With word revealing Brett Favre's decision to undergo surgery to repair his partially torn biceps tendon, Packers fans have officially announced the death of their former hero.

Dubbed "MOURN4.com," the site informs visitors:

We have a simple dream. A dream where Packer fans across the nation turn black to mourn #4 turning Purple and Gold. Regardless of why it’s happening, it’s just plain wrong. And it makes us very sad.

From armbands to even a car bumper magnet, MOURN4 wants the world to know at least one member of the Packer Nation has some serious beef with Jet, err Brett Favre.

Luckily, the site does offer one redeeming quality: four percent of all proceeds will be donated to help fund breast cancer research.

No word on whether black #4 Snuggies have gone to production yet.

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