June 7, 2009

DUAN! aka the last post of the day

For Cavaliers fans, left devastated in the wake of the Eastern Conference Finals upset against the Orlando Magic, turning to the bottle will surely ease the pain.

The weapon of choice? A LeBomb James, of course.

According to Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks section, the shot requires:

...a shot of Crown Royal (for King James), some Red Bull and three packs of Splenda. Drop the shot of Crown in the Red Bull, chug it, dump Splenda in your hands, and 'baby powder throw' it into the air like LBJ. It's an instant hit with the bar patrons.

Gator City, a famed University of Florida drinking establishment, swaps Red Bull with Sprite and includes a touch of grenadine in the Crown Royal for coloring.

Hey, Hey LBJ! How many shots did you drink today?

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